Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where Do We Draw The Line?

As any of you know, if you know me at all, I am one who will fight for the rights of all living creatures on this Earth. This means the rights of humans, animals, and all of nature. In addition, when it comes to animals in general, you know that my belief in the level of animal rights should be the same as those of us who walk on two feet.
I have seen too often the footage of animals that have been abused and neglected, these abuses including animal testing and fighting. One animal alone, as with any other living creature, is one too many being harmed. I have seen first hand the results of abuses that animals endure. That is why I feel as strongly about this subject as I do.
Therefore, with this, you know I support the organizations that help protect animals from abuse and those bringing some kind of relief to animals that have been mistreated. I am all for the ads, campaigns, and political activism that helps to promote the rights of animals and their protection. Yes, some of the commercials can be hard to watch, seeing the results of all this abuse and neglect. I do believe this knowledge can help to bring about better rights for animals. Nevertheless, where is it we draw the line?
Today, after returning home from work, I walked in to see my mother crying. Like my mother, the pain of any creature easily affects me. Therefore, of course, I asked what was wrong. At the moment, it was scenes from a heartfelt movie. As I was talking to her, I look over at our television to see that a commercial for animal rights was on. As usual, my mom reached for the remote to temporarily change the station until the commercial was over. These commercials cause her great distress. However, we do believe that people need to know what is happening to animals, we have just seen them many times before. We know what is happening to animals in our world. However, today, when she reached for the remote, it was not where she left it, so I saw more of the commercials than usual. As I always do, I watch them knowing what it typically coming.
The commercial was one that of course showed images of dog fighting, animal neglect, and horrific scenes of abuse. Of course, I was sickened, upset, and horrified by what I saw.
But, this commercial was more than the usual type seen during the rest of the year. It was a Christmas commercial. It is not the fact that it was a Christmas commercial that bothered me. It was the fact that it was portraying a very young child writing a letter to Santa, pleading for all the animal abuse to stop. Yes, animal abuse without a doubt needs to cease, but I feel a severe line was crossed when they had a child writing letters in these scenes and doing voice overtones of him thinking while writing his letter.
Where do we draw the line? I deeply feel that the group promoting animal rights by having a child “write” this letter to Santa is utterly wrong. I feel that by doing this, one wrong is committed to try to stop another wrong. As the well-known saying goes, two wrongs do not make a right. Even if this child had written a letter in his own life, pleading for the cessation of animal abuse, he should not have been subjected to doing so again. It breaks my heart to think of a child at all having to witness anything having to do with abuse, whether it is in his own life or for this situation.
I have run this through my head quite a few time already and still cannot find how it was right in anyway for this to have been done. Though I am not saying dogs and humans are the same (though I do not believe one is lower than the other is), let me make one quick comparison. To me, a child writing this letter about the horrific abuses to animals is like having a baby animal perform for the rights of children. It is wrong….period. If you know me, I love and care about every living creature. They all have a place in my heart. By harming one for the rights of another…well,…this is where the line has been severely crossed. A child should not be subjected to any horrific scene of any kind.
I know some people will say that the child was not wronged in any way, but in the deepest parts of my heart and mind, I cannot find one single reason to see this situation in that light. Even if the child can handle such a situation, I still will not see it as right. Moreover, to think if a child has seen these horrific scenes in the first place. On top of that, how is it going to affect one child to see another child writing such a letter? As I have seen too many times, people do not always realize what their children are watching.
My heart is absolutely broken by any type of abuse. I am angered by the wrongs that any person, animal, or any other living creature has to endure. To see a child put in such a situation is one that, though it may not be on the same level of wrongdoing, I am still utterly appalled and saddened by this situation.
I am all for children experiencing life and all that wonders that this world has. I want the same for all beings and animals. However, I am not or ever will be for a child being subjected to a situation that may have a negative impact on them in any way. What I cannot fathom is how this situation was thought of with any kind of consciousness at all.
Therefore, after it all, I will say, yes, continue to support causes that help and protect any part of nature. This type of support is definitely needed. That said, I hope that we as humans, can become more conscious of actions we are taking in this world. We already have too many negatives by the means of violence, hatred, and other things that lead us away from peace. We already have a hard enough time trying to bring our world to a peaceful place without adding other levels of pain and distress to it all.
By Chieko D. Ross on 12/5/2010 ©

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I am utterly sickened, saddened and heartbroken over recent events involving Tyler Clementi. Clementi was a young student at the age of 18. From the little bit that I have seen, he was a young soul who was getting ready to step out in life and take his place in this world. And because of the actions of a couple others, Tyler decided to take his life. Because of their actions to humiliate him, for reasons that only they know, a young man’s life is now gone.
I will not go into any specifics on the happening around this story. However, I will say this, because of Tyler’s lifestyle, who he was, two people decided to take horrific and devastating actions against him, for their own benefit. It is wrong! There is no other way to say it.
And I am in no way trying to take away from the loss of Tyler’s life by saying what I am about to say. What is going on to so many is going on in our world in so many different forms. Another one of these examples of taking negative actions is with a church, who have taken it upon themselves to make examples of fallen soldiers. They have decided to protest at the funerals of these men who have lost their lives in war. They are causing pain to others because of their own beliefs. They are protesting while family and friends are grieving for the loss of a loved one. Because of this church, others are having to deal with so much more. They are having to go through extra pain because of these people. This is a severe form of disrespect. It is absolutely horrible what they are doing. To me, this ties in with the story of Tyler. I could go on and on with giving examples. They are out there. You can find this info. I encourage you to do so to know what is going on in our world.
I can not fathom what is takes for someone to take an action towards another that will in any way harm another person, animal or our world. I cannot understand why someone would want to do so in the first place. It sickens me to know that there are people in this world who CHOOSE to hurt another for their own purposes, whether those reasons be entertainment, cruelty, or to make a point in favor of their own beliefs. In the end, these are simply different levels of bullying. It is not anyone’s place to try to force others to view the world with their own eyes. If you have the right to openly believe in whatever it is that you do, so does everyone else. And while it is a blessing to have our rights, we also must know that with these rights, comes responsibilities. Especially, the responsibility of knowing when and how to use these rights. We must realize that we are only causing more pain, more sadness, and more negativity in this world when we harm others in any way. . We must realize that through our negative actions we are taking the world one step further away from peace.
There are too many negative actions going on in this world that are affecting others in pain, devestation, oppression, etc. It has got to stop! Period. If you are a person who is purposely hurting others for your own benefit, at the least, SHAME ON YOU!!! Think about what it is that you are doing to others. Put yourselves in their shoes. Think of how someone might try to hurt you and make an example of you simply because of who you are. And think about this. If you are able to do these horrible and tragic things to others, it can be done to you. I know you would not want anything bad to happen to you or anyone you care about and love. So don’t do it to another. You do not just affect one person when you take this action, you hurt so so many more. There are friends and family and many others who surround this person you are hurting. You are affecting them. And in the long run, you are also affecting yourself. Because what we do, as one person, also affects our entire world and all that dwell here. And if you are thinking about taking a negative action towards others, refocus your energies and choose a different path. Choose a path of compassion. One of peace. One of light. One of hope. One of love.
And to me, what is worse than anything else is the fact that so many just stand aside, watching, doing nothing, as people are being hurt. This is something that I cannot and will not do. I will not be silent. Yes, I am not out there protesting, but I am taking a stand against these forms of hate that are happening. Think about it people. If this is being allowed to happen and nothing is being done about it, it will just continue on. It will allow these cycles of hate, oppression, racism, cruelty and sadness to continue on. Stand up and break the cycle. I understand that this is a scary thing to do. But if we as a people do not stand up against what is being done to us and others, the end results are much worse than scary. I use to be afraid to speak up at this level myself. But in the process of learning to be more vocal about the rights of everyone and everything, I learned that I am also speaking up for my own rights in the process. In the end, we all benefit. We all will have at least that much more peace.
I wish to end this on a more positive note by way of showing support. For those who have been on the tragic end of the negative actions of others, know that you are not alone. Know that you have support out there. Know that you are beautiful as you are. Know that you have a right to be who you are. Do not let others actions bring you down. Don’t let them darken your doorstep or put out your light. Keep that light going and let it shine for all the world to see. If you do let others get the worst of you, you let them win. Stand up proudly, raise your head high, and say I am here and I am me and I am proud. Take your place in this world and know that you have a right to it. And in the end, if you are reading this, know that someone cares and that you are loved. Yes I said loved. By me. I may not know you. I may not ever meet you. But, because you are a part of this world, I have unconditional love for you. I am not ashamed to say so, as you should never be ashamed of being a wonderful person you are. Stay strong! Be you! Be proud. And share your light and beauty with others. It will only help bring about paths for peace and love. Through this sharing, you give hope and love to others. And you will receive this same hope and love.
I will leave it at this.
Peace always,
Chieko Ross

P.S. if you have a problem with anything that i say here, say it to me and no one else.
written by Chieko Ross 10/7/2010 ©

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Untitled Poem---unofficially 2 now 1 dont really like that name

This was inspired by many things i have seen (such as weddings, friends going through things, hopes) and or have felt and gone through and is written in more of a dream perspective ... this is still in its rough form... but i was inspired to share... so here it is... as is no title... work in progress (such as the to life not denied line) ... hope it makes sense

Both in wonder
As alone they stride
One step closer
To life not denied

Two hearts mold
With beauty of love
That beauty is that
Of graceful dove

Two souls merge
To become one
Under sacred trees
Blessed by sun

Hands enfold in
Soft embrace
Never to part
Through time and space

When lips meet
With dewy bliss
Love is sealed
By a simple kiss

Peace fills entire
Body and soul
This love, this union
Is abounding, is whole

They look into eyes
As lips part
And see future
As one heart

Two hearts now
Know this is home
Never to part
Until rest under loam

I hope you can see
My humble home
Please oh please
Bring me home

written on 10/27/09 by Chieko Ross ©

Monday, September 6, 2010

On children and punishment

What kind of place have we come to in our world where we must beat and scream at our children to get them to listen. Too many times have I been walking somewhere I public and have seen people doing just this. And too many times have I been silent about it. I am not talking about a swat on the butt or a spanking. I am talking about literally taking a swing at your child’s head or hitting them so hard that it is going to leave a welt or bruise on their body. Shaking them so hard that their head and limbs are flying all over the place. Don’t you realized that this can leave permanent damage to their bodies?
I see people literally leaned over into their child’s face just screaming at the top of their lungs at them. Other times it is them telling them to stop their crying… especially when they were the ones who made them cry in the first place. Slapping their children across the face because they’ve said no. I’ve listened to mothers hitting the hell out of their children in public bathrooms. Father's dragging children out of bathrooms with tears streaming down their faces.(Yes, i know some kids just cry like this.)I’ve seen too many people threatening their children. Such as, if you don’t quit, I’ll beat the hell out of you. Do we really need to make our children fear us? Telling them to get out of our faces or to shut up. What good is that going to do? The worse part is seeing children repeating these actions with other children. Can you not find a more gentle way to get them to listen. Can you not take the time to help them redirect their energy? It’s too much and it needs to stop. My god people, these are our children, not objects to take our frustrations out on.
What ever happened to time outs or taking the time to sit down and talk about their actions. Listen to your children, there is usually a reason why they are acting out in the way they do. They have a voice that needs to be heard too. That’s all I’m saying people. Simply take a breath, take a second, count to ten, try to calm yourself before you yourself take any action.
In more recent times I have become more vocal when I see these things. There are times when I will say something like, “is that really necessary”. Yes, I myself will get a glare or be yelled at. But do I really care, no. And yes, I know I am not a mother myself, but I have worked with children before. I know there are other less violent ways to get children to take better actions. And I know if I ever get the chance in life to be blessed with children of my own, I will raise them with gentleness.
And maybe this will help to lessen the amount of violence in our world.

By Chieko Ross ©

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Lack of love
Full of fright
Cold as night

Jealous rage
An ugly mark
Clear as day
But yet so dark

Single minded
A silent yell
Only to bring out
The worst of hell

By Chieko Ross ©

One Gain, One Pain

As I go through life
I wonder why
Push comes to shove
And people lie.

Some want to hunt
While peace they take
Pain is caused
For convenience sake.

Heart and soul
And compassion lost
The comfort of one
Is another’s cost.

Why the grief?
Why the pain?
Wreck of one
Another’s gain.
By Chieko Ross ©

Simple Innocence

I see a face
Small and round
Eyes so curious
To his world around

Searching for answers
To the questions why
The grass is green
And the blue of sky

His mind’s dancing
With imaginations art
Loving unconditionally
With only heart

So much to learn
This struggle grand
For the world’s future
Is in his tiny hand

Only truth and love
Exist in his heart
Not yet knowing
The world’s cold part

A perfect solution
For a world tense
Your can find the answer
In his simple innocence
by Chieko Ross ©

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Letting the light on the candle grow.

There are times in life when a person must take a step back and look at themselves in a different light. Recently, in the last few weeks, I have had the chance to do just this. While I have been pretty happy, I have also realized that there were some places in my life where I was afraid to be happy. I let the fear of disappointment come in the way of letting myself go and just simply be caught up in the joy of a situation. As you can see in one of my prior posts where I am speaking about a past situation that made me a certain way in life. I still have no regrets in writing that post, because I still want others to know that they are not alone in how they feel. HOWEVER, I have come to a place my life where I now know that much of what I have wanted in life (love, complete happiness, full joy, full inner peace) has been partially (a big part in fact) been because of myself. I have known this for a while, but still was not willing to let go. I threw up a wall, locked the gate, and wrapped myself in a security blanket to try to keep away all the scaries, the things I feared in life. I refused to fully face life (fear of disappointment) and saying hey, bring it on. In other words, I kept myself from taking chances that could possibly have led to those things in life that I have in fact wanted for a long time. And it is good that I kept that key to the gate. Though I am a still a bit scared, I have been able to unlock the gate and start breaking that wall down. It will take sometime and some serious soul searching, but I will not give up. One step at a time. My toe is in the water and I am about ready to jump in. The important fact is that I am trying. I can feel the light on that candle getting brighter with each step that I take. I know that there will still be regrets and disappointments. But I believe in my heart that I will better be able to get through those times and keep giving things a chance. The point I want to make is never be afraid to be who you are and never be afraid of sharing the beauty in yourself. Face life and (excuse the language here) grab fear by the balls and say BRING IT ON!!! It will only be good for you.
Now… one more bit I want to share before I go.
There have been some people who I have recently (and not so recently) have come into contact with who have been lights in my life. In my times of where I have kept myself from happiness and have been down, they have been there to say be strong, you are ok as you are, made me smile, and most importantly, challenge me to give happiness a chance (whether they know it or not). One I even (I admit it) I got a bit angry with for him challenging my prior post (to him I say thank you for that). Through these their support, challenges and by them just being themselves, I have been able to (on my own) come to a higher place of inner peace. For them I am grateful. You are lights shining on my path and you are all beautiful for the simple fact that you are you. I am blessed for your presence.

With love and respect…
Written by Chieko Ross on 8/27/2010 ©

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Hope

I hope one day
You and me
Can love equally
Judgement free.

I hope one day
On sand, sea, and soil
We can explore together
Without hatred’s toil.

I hope one day
For equality true.
You not before me
Nor me before you.

I hope one day
We all are free
You to be You
As I am Me

I hope one day
We will laugh together
With a likeness to those
Of a common feather

I hope one day
To walk hand in hand
Beside those from all
Creeds, origins, and lands.

I hope one day
We can heal time and space
To love one another
As one Human Race

My hope is high
As the eagle flies
My hope is this hope
Never dies.
Written by Chieko Ross on 10/27/2009 edited on 8/26/2010 ©

Paths to Peace

Peace begins with honest man.
Peace begins with helping hand.
Peace begins with open mind.
Peace begins with being kind.
Peace begins with loss of hate.
Peace begins when bombs abate.
Peace begins on equal land.
Peace begins when you understand.
Peace begins with lowered gun
And kids play freely under the sun.
Peace begins with creatures free.
Peace begins with you and me.
Peace is always within reach.
It is in the way we teach.
Peace is in the heart and soul.
It is the ultimate goal.
Peace begins right here right now.
Take my hand, I’ll show you how.
Written by Chieko Ross 10/2009 edited 8/26/2010 ©

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An excerpt from a recent paper on indigenous rights i wrote for college

This is an excerpt from a paper that i recently wrote for college on the Guarani Indians living in South America. But, the entire time I wrote this paper, I had all indigenous people worldwide in my mind, but had to choose just one to write about. Before I go any further, I want to make it clear that I am not a part of a group that has been and is affected by the wrong doings of others, especially industries uprooting people to make way for their own purposes. I am apalled, sickened, and saddened by what people, no matter who they are, have to go through to simply survive in this world.I love these people as i would love any other because of the simple fact that they live on this same earth and should have all the rights that the rest of us enjoy, especially the right to live as they choose, not how anyone else thinks they should live. Also, I have made a couple changes to better fit this post. Another thing that I want to make very clear. This is my personal view and my writing. If you have something to say about this, say it to me and to know one else... i am soley responsible for all that is written here.

For countless years, indigenous peoples worldwide have had to endure a life filled with struggle, pain, torture, discrimination, and oppression. They are made to leave the lands that they have called home for centuries, this done by means of force and cruelty. Their ways of life are destroyed and means of survival are ruined. Much of this is done for reasons of ranching, logging, mining, and so many other forms of industry. Some of these have been legal and others are not. The rights of indigenous peoples are ignored and being pushed to the side. This has gone on for far too long and something needs to be done to help them regain their full rights.

Imagine that you are sitting in your home, surrounded by your family and friends, enjoying the fruits of your labor. All of a sudden, you hear the sounds of people coming up to your door. As you look out the window, you notice that these people are equipped with different kinds of weapons. You start to feel a fear in the pit of your stomach. Thinking you are safe, because some of these are law enforcement, you open the door to the person who is knocking. After a few words of exchange, you find out that everyone in your home has to leave immediately. When you ask why, you are told that you do not have any legal right to live on the land and in the home that you have known your entire life. In fact, this home was passed down to you through generations of family. You even have the documents to prove it, but that does not matter, you still have to go.

As you leave, some of your family members decide that they are not going to leave because they know and believe that it is their right to stay. They have never done anything to hurt anyone and have been good citizens in their community. When they refuse to leave, other members of the party enter your home and start to force them out. When the struggle gets harder, the weapons are then drawn, some using guns, others clubs and fists. You see all of your family being dragged and beaten. You hear their screams and pleas for their lives. You watch, alongside your children, as the head of the household is killed because he refuses to leave the home and life that he has always known. You feel nothing but confusion, pain, and terror as the lives of your family are being ripped apart.

Once everyone is out of the home, you notice that this is happening to your neighbors and all the people of the community who happen to be the same as you. They put you in groups and take you to a place that is strange to you and told to live there. There is no proper food, water, or shelter. Everything that you have ever known is gone in a matter of a few moments. Then, as you look back, you see strangers moving into your home and taking what was yours. The worst part is you feel that there is nothing in your power to stop it all.

This is the place that you have worked your entire life to keep, celebrate your traditions, and rest your head at night. This is also the place where you grew up and where you are raising your children. All that you have is given to others who are going to enjoy and benefit from all your hard work. This is what has been continually happening to the Guarani people of South America for centuries. The only difference, they probably did not get the courtesy of a knock at the door.

There is little hope for the Guarani and other indigenous people worldwide. Yet, there is still hope. There are community, national, and international organizations (such as Amnesty International and Survival International) that are fighting for the rights of indigenous peoples worldwide.

Now you may be asking yourself, what is it that I, only one person, can do to help make a change. Of course, you can donate money to groups like Survival International and Amnesty International, which are needed to help fund projects that further this cause. In addition, through these groups, you can also find information where you can volunteer and if able to do so, can write to local, national and international governments asking for laws to be passed that provide, support and protect tribal peoples. You can also live a more conscious lifestyle that will have less of an impact on indigenous people and our environment. One way to do this is to be more aware of products that you buy and knowing where they are coming from. An example of this would be refusing to buy a certain type of wood that is being cleared from a forest area where a tribe is living.

The easiest way to help the indigenous people is to help raise awareness of struggle for indigenous rights. Learn what you can about the struggles of the indigenous and the world around them. Then, tell your neighbors, family members and others that you meet. Let them know and the information will spread. This is important because once you know about something you cannot turn back. You may not act on what you learn, but you will always know. If you choose to act, there are many resources available on the Survival International and Amnesty International websites.

Through their support, one can help to bring about a better life for all, not just indigenous peoples, but for all peoples. You can help to stop the pain, sadness, oppression, and despair that are being cause by greed and hate. With your help, this small flame of hope can grow and help to light the lives of so many. Lastly, if you need more incentive to do so, think about this. If it is happening to them, it can also happen to all of us.

By Chieko Ross August 2010 ©

Survival International website:
Amnesty International website:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

it is what it is

I have gone back and forth many times on writing this post. I didn’t know if this should be something I should share with other or not. This will probably be a post that will probably surprise some people… but in the end, you will understand why. And please do not get me wrong. I do not want anything from writing this. I don’t want any sympathy and definitely not pity. I am strong. I am good. I have peace. I am happy.

There are many wonderful parts of life that I have gotten to experience. Many times over, I have gotten to know joy, laughter, heart, compassion, and peace. I know how it feels to love. I know how it feels to want another to be a part of your life. But, to really know this kind of love. To know what it feels like to have that love returned. To know what it feels like to finally meet that other half of your soul. This is the one thing that I have never known in my life. I fully believe that is not to be a part of my future. I have not been one who life has chosen to give that blessing. I know I am not one that another will look at as the one. I know I am not that beautiful diamond that will shine for another. I know I am not the sun shining on the past in the murky wood to help light their way. And that is ok. That is how it has to be.
Once I thought that I had a chance. I clung to that hope for over two years. Even when my hope dimmed to just a speck of what it once was I still clung on to that piece of hope as if it was my last drop of water. Eventually, anything I dreamed of was coldly and harshly ripped from my grasp. And was not able to have any closure to help me let go of that love, the hope that I had that maybe for once I might know. My little speck of light was finally snuffed out.
My heart bled. My body paid the price for keeping and holding on to that speck of hope for so long. There was no light left for me in the world. I let that little speck take over my world. Now when a tiny spark tries to light itself, I have learned to snuff it out before it has a chance to become anything more. I bury what it is I feel with my soul. I shroud myself with a protective blanket. I stay just below the surface of the water until I am forced to take a breath to live. I have become a master a keeping it all in check. A master of keeping the pain at bay.
But truly, it never leaves me. There is always the tiniest of sparks with in myself. And I do I let other things out, my compassion for life, my hope for our world’s future, my peace. But my hope for love is the one thing that I leave hidden deep within myself. Even now as I write this, letting this much of it come up to the surface is a dangerous thing. I put myself at risk of letting the pain and sadness overwhelm me again. If I let it get to big, it will take me a long time to push it all back down
again. If this is how it must be to help me get through life, then so be it.
So here is where I close the story. Here is where I retake control. Here is where I replace the veil of protection. I must, or the rest of me will suffer too. I choose to refocus my energies and help others to feel complete peace. I will help others to know at least a speck of hope. I will help others to know a bit of love. I have been blessed in many other ways. I know the love of friendship. I know the love of having a most wonderful mother. I know the love of being in nature. I know the love of hearing rain patter on the roof. I know the love of hearing music run straight into my heart. I know the love of waking up in the early hours and hearing the birds sing. I know all this, and it is enough. It has to be enough. So many have so less, and I am nothing but grateful. I am grateful for the joy, kindness, and compassion that I do know from this life.
Therefore, I end this in saying that if you know what it is to love, never take it for granted. But this is not for those of you who do know the love that I speak of. This is for others out there who feel alone. For those of you who feel desperate with hope. Who yearn to know it all. I say this, I hope every single one of you find what it is that you hope for in life. But for those of you that may not, know that you are not alone and know that you can get through. Yes, it is rough, but you will come up for air knowing that there is joy out there. We are all stronger than we realize. Love yourself. Be kind to yourself. And be the same to others, for you never know what they may be going through. Take what you do know, and be a shining beacon for others. Always try to help others know peace. Always try to help another at least know joy.
And no matter what, be you, for you are truly beautiful as you are!!!

With love…

New addition to post added below on 8/26/2010
I did not write this to say that nothing will ever happen for me... i don't know what the future holds. But i do know that there are times when I have felt this way and no it is not something that I am simply going through. Some people think that I am saying that fate will be this way. That was not my intention at all in writing this piece. I just wanted to simply say to others who may feel the same... you are not alone. Period.

By Chieko Ross ©

Friday, January 1, 2010

My New Year’s Resolution (yes I actually made one)

New Year’s resolutions. What to say about them? The one thing is that I usually don’t have anything to do with them. And I have not done one for many years. I would find that I would try to make a resolution and then I wouldn’t follow through because of one thing or another. It could have been a situation or just a plain lack of will that kept me from do so.

Many, if not most people, as they turn to the New Year, have a feeling that they need to change something about their lives. Many times it is that they want better health. Other times it is to help more people, animals or causes. And then it could be to spend less and to save more money. Another is to waste less and conserve more. It could be to go back to and finish school. I listed the prior because these have been resolutions that I have personally broken in the past. I still have them as goals, but, they can either take a lot of time or the current situation is where I cannot reach some of these goals. Others I am in the processes of trying to attain.

As I sat here tonight thinking over, not just the year but much of my life, I came to an understanding about my past resolutions. I figured out what the problem was. I figured out why it was so hard, sometimes, to carry out my goals. The problem was complexity.

I still need to try to attain these and other unmentioned goals. However, those will take some time to finish. But this year I have chosen for me the easiest of resolutions to accomplish. Something that does not take money and time. Something that I don’t have to carry in a bag, purse or pocket. Something that I don’t have to travel to reach. Something that I don’t need to have anything at all to accomplish. Something that is and has always been with me. Something that is simple.

So here, in the earliest of the hours of the New Year, I say that my resolution for 2010 is to simply LOVE. To love more unconditionally. To love more compassionately. To give love freely without apprehension. To love all I can and cannot see. To love this entire world and all that inhabits the Earth. To accept love that is given and also to love myself. Also, to tear down any walls that may block this love. And to do all these with a great passion.

This has been the only resolution that I have made in my life that I have no doubt that I can achieve. I choose love because it is can lead to so many other beautiful things in life. Love can bring about compassion. Love can be pathways to more acceptance and tolerance between peoples. Love can help to stop the ways of greed and oppression. Love can help bring us closer to nature and start resolving many issues with our planet. And most of all Love can be the stepping stones leading us to greater peace.

With that, I will start this resolution this very moment by saying I LOVE YOU!!! I Love all who read this and those that don’t. I will not be ashamed or shy about saying I Love You. Too many times in the past have I felt embarrassed or been teased and hassled about saying so. No more. Simple as that.

In conclusion, I want to wish you all a very wonderful and happy New Year. May 2010 be a year that brings much joy to you and those around you. So from my heart to yours, may you have Love in your lives, now and in all days!!! Peace!!!

By Chieko Ross ©