Saturday, September 11, 2010

Untitled Poem---unofficially 2 now 1 dont really like that name

This was inspired by many things i have seen (such as weddings, friends going through things, hopes) and or have felt and gone through and is written in more of a dream perspective ... this is still in its rough form... but i was inspired to share... so here it is... as is no title... work in progress (such as the to life not denied line) ... hope it makes sense

Both in wonder
As alone they stride
One step closer
To life not denied

Two hearts mold
With beauty of love
That beauty is that
Of graceful dove

Two souls merge
To become one
Under sacred trees
Blessed by sun

Hands enfold in
Soft embrace
Never to part
Through time and space

When lips meet
With dewy bliss
Love is sealed
By a simple kiss

Peace fills entire
Body and soul
This love, this union
Is abounding, is whole

They look into eyes
As lips part
And see future
As one heart

Two hearts now
Know this is home
Never to part
Until rest under loam

I hope you can see
My humble home
Please oh please
Bring me home

written on 10/27/09 by Chieko Ross ©

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