Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Beauty of Life (an introduction to me)

This was the only way i could think to introduce you to who i am. To let you see what is in my heart.I am not trying to say that I am the beauty of life. But how i see myself in life in this world.

The Beauty of Life
Is deep within
From the depth of heart
To the edge of skin

My heart beats
With rhythms of earth
Till the end of life
From moment of birth

I am free like hawk
With wing on wind
Yet rooted to ground
The soil my friend

My heart grows when
Things spring new
And I settle with
The morning dew

My sight is that
Of eagle eye
Salmon in creek
And cougar on high

My backbone is
The mountain spine
Standing straight
Like honored pine.

I croak with frog
Sing with wolf
Laugh with coyote
And walk on hoof

My breath is with
The easy breeze
While humming with
Honey bees

I fall with rock
Stand with bear
Skitter with fox
And run with hare

While elbows hooks
With worldly kin
My knee goes along
The river bend

My life flows along
Prairie grass to
Colorful desert
To mountain pass

My tears flow
Like cooling rain
Falling for a
World in pain

My love is that
Of peaceful dove
My hope is with
The sky above

My softness is
The horse’s nose
Wrinkling at the
The wild rose

My joy is like
The growing seed
I roll along
With tumble weed

I prowl with
The ocean’s shark
Yet listen to the
Gentle lark

My compassion is
Like mother doe
My strength is that
Of buffalo

My hearth is in
The beaver home
I walk along with
Elk on roam

My warmth is the
Little cub in den
Sleeping under
Mother’s chin

I swim beneath
The lily pond
And glide along with
Graceful swan

I play like the
Teasing dawn
And dance like
Frolicking fawn

My eyes close with
Darkening night
I dream beside
The twinkling light.

The vast lands
Are my soul
All of earth makes
Makes me whole.
By Chieko Ross in 2009 ©