Sunday, August 29, 2010


Lack of love
Full of fright
Cold as night

Jealous rage
An ugly mark
Clear as day
But yet so dark

Single minded
A silent yell
Only to bring out
The worst of hell

By Chieko Ross ©

One Gain, One Pain

As I go through life
I wonder why
Push comes to shove
And people lie.

Some want to hunt
While peace they take
Pain is caused
For convenience sake.

Heart and soul
And compassion lost
The comfort of one
Is another’s cost.

Why the grief?
Why the pain?
Wreck of one
Another’s gain.
By Chieko Ross ©

Simple Innocence

I see a face
Small and round
Eyes so curious
To his world around

Searching for answers
To the questions why
The grass is green
And the blue of sky

His mind’s dancing
With imaginations art
Loving unconditionally
With only heart

So much to learn
This struggle grand
For the world’s future
Is in his tiny hand

Only truth and love
Exist in his heart
Not yet knowing
The world’s cold part

A perfect solution
For a world tense
Your can find the answer
In his simple innocence
by Chieko Ross ©

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Letting the light on the candle grow.

There are times in life when a person must take a step back and look at themselves in a different light. Recently, in the last few weeks, I have had the chance to do just this. While I have been pretty happy, I have also realized that there were some places in my life where I was afraid to be happy. I let the fear of disappointment come in the way of letting myself go and just simply be caught up in the joy of a situation. As you can see in one of my prior posts where I am speaking about a past situation that made me a certain way in life. I still have no regrets in writing that post, because I still want others to know that they are not alone in how they feel. HOWEVER, I have come to a place my life where I now know that much of what I have wanted in life (love, complete happiness, full joy, full inner peace) has been partially (a big part in fact) been because of myself. I have known this for a while, but still was not willing to let go. I threw up a wall, locked the gate, and wrapped myself in a security blanket to try to keep away all the scaries, the things I feared in life. I refused to fully face life (fear of disappointment) and saying hey, bring it on. In other words, I kept myself from taking chances that could possibly have led to those things in life that I have in fact wanted for a long time. And it is good that I kept that key to the gate. Though I am a still a bit scared, I have been able to unlock the gate and start breaking that wall down. It will take sometime and some serious soul searching, but I will not give up. One step at a time. My toe is in the water and I am about ready to jump in. The important fact is that I am trying. I can feel the light on that candle getting brighter with each step that I take. I know that there will still be regrets and disappointments. But I believe in my heart that I will better be able to get through those times and keep giving things a chance. The point I want to make is never be afraid to be who you are and never be afraid of sharing the beauty in yourself. Face life and (excuse the language here) grab fear by the balls and say BRING IT ON!!! It will only be good for you.
Now… one more bit I want to share before I go.
There have been some people who I have recently (and not so recently) have come into contact with who have been lights in my life. In my times of where I have kept myself from happiness and have been down, they have been there to say be strong, you are ok as you are, made me smile, and most importantly, challenge me to give happiness a chance (whether they know it or not). One I even (I admit it) I got a bit angry with for him challenging my prior post (to him I say thank you for that). Through these their support, challenges and by them just being themselves, I have been able to (on my own) come to a higher place of inner peace. For them I am grateful. You are lights shining on my path and you are all beautiful for the simple fact that you are you. I am blessed for your presence.

With love and respect…
Written by Chieko Ross on 8/27/2010 ©

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Hope

I hope one day
You and me
Can love equally
Judgement free.

I hope one day
On sand, sea, and soil
We can explore together
Without hatred’s toil.

I hope one day
For equality true.
You not before me
Nor me before you.

I hope one day
We all are free
You to be You
As I am Me

I hope one day
We will laugh together
With a likeness to those
Of a common feather

I hope one day
To walk hand in hand
Beside those from all
Creeds, origins, and lands.

I hope one day
We can heal time and space
To love one another
As one Human Race

My hope is high
As the eagle flies
My hope is this hope
Never dies.
Written by Chieko Ross on 10/27/2009 edited on 8/26/2010 ©

Paths to Peace

Peace begins with honest man.
Peace begins with helping hand.
Peace begins with open mind.
Peace begins with being kind.
Peace begins with loss of hate.
Peace begins when bombs abate.
Peace begins on equal land.
Peace begins when you understand.
Peace begins with lowered gun
And kids play freely under the sun.
Peace begins with creatures free.
Peace begins with you and me.
Peace is always within reach.
It is in the way we teach.
Peace is in the heart and soul.
It is the ultimate goal.
Peace begins right here right now.
Take my hand, I’ll show you how.
Written by Chieko Ross 10/2009 edited 8/26/2010 ©

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An excerpt from a recent paper on indigenous rights i wrote for college

This is an excerpt from a paper that i recently wrote for college on the Guarani Indians living in South America. But, the entire time I wrote this paper, I had all indigenous people worldwide in my mind, but had to choose just one to write about. Before I go any further, I want to make it clear that I am not a part of a group that has been and is affected by the wrong doings of others, especially industries uprooting people to make way for their own purposes. I am apalled, sickened, and saddened by what people, no matter who they are, have to go through to simply survive in this world.I love these people as i would love any other because of the simple fact that they live on this same earth and should have all the rights that the rest of us enjoy, especially the right to live as they choose, not how anyone else thinks they should live. Also, I have made a couple changes to better fit this post. Another thing that I want to make very clear. This is my personal view and my writing. If you have something to say about this, say it to me and to know one else... i am soley responsible for all that is written here.

For countless years, indigenous peoples worldwide have had to endure a life filled with struggle, pain, torture, discrimination, and oppression. They are made to leave the lands that they have called home for centuries, this done by means of force and cruelty. Their ways of life are destroyed and means of survival are ruined. Much of this is done for reasons of ranching, logging, mining, and so many other forms of industry. Some of these have been legal and others are not. The rights of indigenous peoples are ignored and being pushed to the side. This has gone on for far too long and something needs to be done to help them regain their full rights.

Imagine that you are sitting in your home, surrounded by your family and friends, enjoying the fruits of your labor. All of a sudden, you hear the sounds of people coming up to your door. As you look out the window, you notice that these people are equipped with different kinds of weapons. You start to feel a fear in the pit of your stomach. Thinking you are safe, because some of these are law enforcement, you open the door to the person who is knocking. After a few words of exchange, you find out that everyone in your home has to leave immediately. When you ask why, you are told that you do not have any legal right to live on the land and in the home that you have known your entire life. In fact, this home was passed down to you through generations of family. You even have the documents to prove it, but that does not matter, you still have to go.

As you leave, some of your family members decide that they are not going to leave because they know and believe that it is their right to stay. They have never done anything to hurt anyone and have been good citizens in their community. When they refuse to leave, other members of the party enter your home and start to force them out. When the struggle gets harder, the weapons are then drawn, some using guns, others clubs and fists. You see all of your family being dragged and beaten. You hear their screams and pleas for their lives. You watch, alongside your children, as the head of the household is killed because he refuses to leave the home and life that he has always known. You feel nothing but confusion, pain, and terror as the lives of your family are being ripped apart.

Once everyone is out of the home, you notice that this is happening to your neighbors and all the people of the community who happen to be the same as you. They put you in groups and take you to a place that is strange to you and told to live there. There is no proper food, water, or shelter. Everything that you have ever known is gone in a matter of a few moments. Then, as you look back, you see strangers moving into your home and taking what was yours. The worst part is you feel that there is nothing in your power to stop it all.

This is the place that you have worked your entire life to keep, celebrate your traditions, and rest your head at night. This is also the place where you grew up and where you are raising your children. All that you have is given to others who are going to enjoy and benefit from all your hard work. This is what has been continually happening to the Guarani people of South America for centuries. The only difference, they probably did not get the courtesy of a knock at the door.

There is little hope for the Guarani and other indigenous people worldwide. Yet, there is still hope. There are community, national, and international organizations (such as Amnesty International and Survival International) that are fighting for the rights of indigenous peoples worldwide.

Now you may be asking yourself, what is it that I, only one person, can do to help make a change. Of course, you can donate money to groups like Survival International and Amnesty International, which are needed to help fund projects that further this cause. In addition, through these groups, you can also find information where you can volunteer and if able to do so, can write to local, national and international governments asking for laws to be passed that provide, support and protect tribal peoples. You can also live a more conscious lifestyle that will have less of an impact on indigenous people and our environment. One way to do this is to be more aware of products that you buy and knowing where they are coming from. An example of this would be refusing to buy a certain type of wood that is being cleared from a forest area where a tribe is living.

The easiest way to help the indigenous people is to help raise awareness of struggle for indigenous rights. Learn what you can about the struggles of the indigenous and the world around them. Then, tell your neighbors, family members and others that you meet. Let them know and the information will spread. This is important because once you know about something you cannot turn back. You may not act on what you learn, but you will always know. If you choose to act, there are many resources available on the Survival International and Amnesty International websites.

Through their support, one can help to bring about a better life for all, not just indigenous peoples, but for all peoples. You can help to stop the pain, sadness, oppression, and despair that are being cause by greed and hate. With your help, this small flame of hope can grow and help to light the lives of so many. Lastly, if you need more incentive to do so, think about this. If it is happening to them, it can also happen to all of us.

By Chieko Ross August 2010 ©

Survival International website:
Amnesty International website: