Friday, January 1, 2010

My New Year’s Resolution (yes I actually made one)

New Year’s resolutions. What to say about them? The one thing is that I usually don’t have anything to do with them. And I have not done one for many years. I would find that I would try to make a resolution and then I wouldn’t follow through because of one thing or another. It could have been a situation or just a plain lack of will that kept me from do so.

Many, if not most people, as they turn to the New Year, have a feeling that they need to change something about their lives. Many times it is that they want better health. Other times it is to help more people, animals or causes. And then it could be to spend less and to save more money. Another is to waste less and conserve more. It could be to go back to and finish school. I listed the prior because these have been resolutions that I have personally broken in the past. I still have them as goals, but, they can either take a lot of time or the current situation is where I cannot reach some of these goals. Others I am in the processes of trying to attain.

As I sat here tonight thinking over, not just the year but much of my life, I came to an understanding about my past resolutions. I figured out what the problem was. I figured out why it was so hard, sometimes, to carry out my goals. The problem was complexity.

I still need to try to attain these and other unmentioned goals. However, those will take some time to finish. But this year I have chosen for me the easiest of resolutions to accomplish. Something that does not take money and time. Something that I don’t have to carry in a bag, purse or pocket. Something that I don’t have to travel to reach. Something that I don’t need to have anything at all to accomplish. Something that is and has always been with me. Something that is simple.

So here, in the earliest of the hours of the New Year, I say that my resolution for 2010 is to simply LOVE. To love more unconditionally. To love more compassionately. To give love freely without apprehension. To love all I can and cannot see. To love this entire world and all that inhabits the Earth. To accept love that is given and also to love myself. Also, to tear down any walls that may block this love. And to do all these with a great passion.

This has been the only resolution that I have made in my life that I have no doubt that I can achieve. I choose love because it is can lead to so many other beautiful things in life. Love can bring about compassion. Love can be pathways to more acceptance and tolerance between peoples. Love can help to stop the ways of greed and oppression. Love can help bring us closer to nature and start resolving many issues with our planet. And most of all Love can be the stepping stones leading us to greater peace.

With that, I will start this resolution this very moment by saying I LOVE YOU!!! I Love all who read this and those that don’t. I will not be ashamed or shy about saying I Love You. Too many times in the past have I felt embarrassed or been teased and hassled about saying so. No more. Simple as that.

In conclusion, I want to wish you all a very wonderful and happy New Year. May 2010 be a year that brings much joy to you and those around you. So from my heart to yours, may you have Love in your lives, now and in all days!!! Peace!!!

By Chieko Ross ©

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