Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Hope

I hope one day
You and me
Can love equally
Judgement free.

I hope one day
On sand, sea, and soil
We can explore together
Without hatred’s toil.

I hope one day
For equality true.
You not before me
Nor me before you.

I hope one day
We all are free
You to be You
As I am Me

I hope one day
We will laugh together
With a likeness to those
Of a common feather

I hope one day
To walk hand in hand
Beside those from all
Creeds, origins, and lands.

I hope one day
We can heal time and space
To love one another
As one Human Race

My hope is high
As the eagle flies
My hope is this hope
Never dies.
Written by Chieko Ross on 10/27/2009 edited on 8/26/2010 ©

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